When you can't go outside. Go within.

- Dr. Mrs. Neha A. Sawant

We are so used to pushing ourselves in our day to day activities that sometimes we don't understand what to do with the time we are at home. Let's utilize this time to do something fruitful for ourselves. Our mind is always filled with thoughts that come continuously one after another. Sometimes we are so used to overthinking that we ourselves pull some topic out and start thinking about it.

What we are supposed to learn is to just be present at the moment. No guilt, regrets about the past, and no doubts, fears, anxiety about the future.

Meditation is the best way to practice to be in only this present moment.

When we meditate regularly, we learn to be in the present moment, learn to be patient, learn to shift our focus from unwanted thoughts to the present moment of bliss.

Many people find it difficult to meditate because they don't find it is important to give time to ourselves, and when they try to they can't focus on it as they are not convinced from within.

Meditation is a temporary vacation you can take daily from your stress Things to keep in mind while meditation.

1. You can do it for how much time you want to do and whenever you want to do it.

2. Look for a calm and quiet place where you won't get disturbed.

3. You can either finish all your tasks at hand and then go for it or do it before starting you're day so that your mind will be calm and will not be stressed about work. Acknowledge the thoughts coming into your mind while meditating, don't carry your mind along with it, just let the thoughts come and go and focus on the meditation again.

How to meditate?

1. You can just focus on the breath while meditating, inhale and exhale calmly.

2. Count 1 - 3 while inhaling and 1 - 5 while exhaling as exhalation should be longer than while exhalation

3. Chant “OM” with deep inhalation first.

4. You can also take help of guided meditation.

Benefits of Meditation

1. While your problems will still be there when you finish your daily meditation, you will find that you are much more centered and better equipped to solve them.

2. It calms your mind.

3. You experience peace.

4. You learn to be in the present moment.

Our physical body is surrounded by an energetic body which is called “Aura”.

Our physical body is surrounded by an energetic body which is called “Aura”.

When we are stressed, our energetic body ‘Aura’ gets disturbed and our physical body starts absorbing negative energy which leads to physical symptoms in the body. When we do meditation, it strengthens our aura, it becomes positive and our body absorbs less negative energy, reducing physical symptoms as well.

Meditation is a gift you can give to yourself. So start meditating and learn to be in the present moment.

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