International Women's Day | 8 March - A special message to all Women

- Dr. Mrs. Neha A. Sawant

Today is International Women’s Day, I have a very special message to all the women who are a part of my life and who are reading this.

People who know me may be surprised to see me writing a blog because I have never done that before but I have never realized before that everybody has something to share which will help somebody in some way. So do I.

Looking back at my Journey of being a Physiotherapist for 12 years, I have observed my own evolution through it. Women I met in this journey as patients, as colleagues, as seniors, and as juniors have shown me so many stories and different aspects of life.

Definitely, I treated and cured them but I also have learned so much from them. Though Physiotherapy is mainly treating a patient on a physical level, I have seen each a woman going through some sort of stress and trauma on an emotional and mental level. I have seen women going through some kind of war within them carrying pain in their eyes, neglecting their own health for their family, career, finances, or sometimes just because of their own thought process or the perspective towards the situation.

I have seen women standing for themselves, making decisions, and then feeling guilty about it just because socially it is seen as selfishness. I have also seen women who keep quiet just for the sake of their children or family and then get hurt as they have been taken for granted.

We always tend to blame ourselves for the conditions we go through, but we don't realize that it is always our reaction or action to that situation or its experience which affects us more than people.

It is not necessary to explain yourself to everyone but the important thing is to understand what is within you. Nobody has control over us unless we allow them to do so, not even our thoughts. Most of us make decisions on emotional grounds for practical issues.

Every woman can live a happy life by balancing herself on a physical, emotional, financial , and spiritual level. It’s never your achievements or failures that define you, or your career or sacrifices show your strength.

Its you standing for your own using every situation that puts you down and prioritizing your needs first and sorting your things out before anyone else.

What we need to understand is what is actually important is self-care and self-love. If you can take care of your children, your family, your finances, your company, then is it really difficult to take care of yourself? Or; Is it like you never realized that even you are important?

It is always said that being a woman you have many roles to play, but you can't play any role better if you don’t be yourself first. Knowing yourself is the best thing you can do. Your relationship with yourself is the foundation of every relationship in your life and it is not selfish. Trust me, when you take care of yourself, you can take care of others in better ways. When your relationship with yourself is strong, every relationship of yours gets filled with love and compassion. When you start taking care of yourself and your needs, all other things fall into place perfectly.

It’s not that men don't go through any such situations they do. But when a woman understands herself. She can help her man as well to live life in a better way. She will stand for each and everyone she is in a relationship without sacrificing her own self and that is power, at is strength.

It is always said that you can’t serve from an empty cup. So girls, fill your cup with love and compassion for yourself. You have come a long way. Be proud of yourself. Love yourself and the world will fall in love with you.

I wish you all wisdom to express yourself, the power to create a life you always dream of and love every part of your life.

It’s your journey, live it gracefully.

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